Illinois Out of State
Applicants for License

1st Choice utilizes the most advanced technology available to scan and transmit fingerprints in the State of Illinois.  Please see out-of-state options in the below boxes.

We process thousands of fingerprints annually with a very low rejection rate – we have the most advanced FBI-approved scan technology and transmit your fingerprints to the State of Illinois on the same day we receive them.    Once submitted we email you your TCN number for your license application.  You can trust us for a timely/accurate submission to the State of Illinois.

Please note we are only as good as the quality of your fingerprint cards that are sent to us.  We routinely receive smudges where there should be fingerprints which will result in a rejection.  If rejected, you must submit a new set of fingerprints and a $45 re-submission fee.

If you don’t need fingerprint cards and would like to prepay instead of sending a money order or  credit card information in the mail, you can prepay here – Pre Pay for Submission

Be sure to include the required forms if you are prepaying –  Forms Download