Illinois Concealed Carry Fingerprinting

Illinois CCL Livescan Fingerprints are optional for Illinois CCL applicants but it dramatically speeds up the process. Without fingerprinting expect a minimum processing time of 90 days and we’ve heard of applicants that took as long as 6 months. With fingerprinting, many of our students are receiving their license in under 45 days.  Obviously there are contributing factors that may prolong the process even with fingerprints.

When selecting a fingerprint provider, be sure to select one that holds their own license and is not “piggy backing” off someone else’s license.  Those part time fingerprint providers may not be fully trained or have the experience to ensure your fingerprints are suitable for transmission.  Be sure to read reviews online.

Out of state fingerprint cards** We also fingerprint for out of state purposes. We capture your fingerprints digitally and print them onto FBI approved fingerprint cards for submission to other states.

1st Choice Livescan Fingerprinting is fully licensed by the State of Illinois, bonded and insured. We have 8 full time fingerprint technicians at our Crestwood office and have mobile machines so we can come to you. We accept cash or credit for this fingerprinting, no appointment necessary and there is rarely a wait.

** Florida CCL License requires fingerprints be taken by a law enforcement agency.  Fingerprinting agencies are not law enforcement agencies.  Those providing this service are falsely representing themselves.