Florida Out-of-State Professionals: Secure Your Florida License with Livescan Fingerprinting from SecureOne

If you’re an out-of-state professional aiming to obtain a Florida license, the fingerprinting process might seem like a daunting hurdle. But it doesn’t have to be! SecureOne Livescan Fingerprinting is here to simplify the process, ensuring a smooth transition into your Florida career. Why Livescan Fingerprinting for Out-of-State Applicants? Digital Efficiency: Livescan fingerprinting is an […]
Fingerprint computer background

Is Electronic Fingerprinting Acceptable In Florida?

Electronic fingerprinting is becoming increasingly important in Florida as more employers, government agencies, and educational institutions require individuals to have their fingerprints scanned. Electronic fingerprinting is a critical component of the process, from background checks to License and certification applications. Understanding the basics of electronic fingerprinting in Florida is essential for anyone who needs to […]

Medical Cannabis Patients Fingerprinting not required in Illinois

Some great news for the Medical Cannabis pilot  – As of August 28th, 2018, patients and caregivers no loner need to be fingerprinted to apply for the program.  Governor Rauner signed into law the removal of the fingerprint requirement.  Below is an excerpt from the official announcement. Patients and Designated Caregivers applying for a Medical […]

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