Medical Cannabis Patients Fingerprinting not required in Illinois

Some great news for the Medical Cannabis pilot  – As of August 28th, 2018, patients and caregivers no loner need to be fingerprinted to apply for the program.  Governor Rauner signed into law the removal of the fingerprint requirement.  Below is an excerpt from the official announcement.

  • Patients and Designated Caregivers applying for a Medical Cannabis registry card do not need to submit fingerprints or consent to a background check as part of their application.
  • No business or person may charge patients for help filling out applications. If a patient needs help with the application process, they visit a participating local health department for free help. Many medical cannabis dispensaries can also help a patient fill out the application at no charge.
  • Certifying physicians are required to have a relationship with the patient established at a physician’s office, hospital, or other healthcare facility and the physician must have an ongoing responsibility for the patient’s assessment, care, and treatment.

Official Web Page Announcement